This winter, DalEM Saint John welcomed two emergency physicians into its three-month clinical mini-PoCUS fellowship.


Dr. Chris Doiron(Left) & Dr. Maxin Bastarache (Right)

Dr. Maxim Bastarache, an emergency physician at Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, and Dr. Chris Doiron, an emergency physician in Saint John who is also a lieutenant-commander and medical officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, embarked on the fellowship in January.

This intensive program is designed for emergency physicians looking to gain enhanced skills in point-of-care ultrasound via an educational sabbatical. 

The PoCUS mini-fellowship includes scholarly academic components, scanning supervision and quality assurance. In addition, the clinical PoCUS fellows are now providing PoCUS services to other emergency physicians on shift, in the form of a PoCUS resource shift.

“This is an exciting development to assist in the timely and thorough assessment of patients presenting to the emergency department,” says Saint John emergency physician Dr. David Lewis, one of the fellowship coordinators. “We look forward to reporting on this initiative further in the future, as we explore more possibilities and see more benefits emerge.”

More PoCUS!

CanPoCUS, run by the DalEM ultrasound faculty, is welcoming PoCUS educators from Newfoundland (NLPoCUS) into an Atlantic-wide PoCUS education collaboration. 

“We look forward to working closely with our colleagues on the Rock,” Dr. Lewis says. “We are also pleased to announce our first French language course, to be held in Edmundston, NB, on June 7th.”