DalEM’s residency program directors and staff surprised residents in all three emergency medicine training programs with delicious treats as part of Resident Awareness Week, February 5 to 9.

Residents in the Enhanced Skills in Emergency Medicine (ESEM), Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Emergency Medicine programs in Halifax during the week, in recognition of their hard work and dedication all year round. The PEM Residents received individual bags and the EM Residents received trays of goodies.

Maritime Resident Doctors (MarDocs) runs Resident Awareness Week (RAW) every year, usually in February, to raise awareness within the health-care system, and among the public at large, about the essential roles resident doctors play in the health-care system.

“Residents are doctors, full stop,” says MarDocs manager of communications, Daniel Bonner. “There are more than 600 resident doctors working in hospitals and clinics across the Maritimes, the system couldn’t function without them. RAW is an opportunity to highlight the vital importance and contributions of residents to our health-care system.”

While RAW is focused on raising awareness of residents’ contributions through a social media and media campaign, Resident Wellness Week (RWW) is designed to foster residents’ personal wellness. This year, Resident Wellness Week will take place from April 29 to May 3, and include a variety of activities and events to promote residents’ overall wellbeing.