The EMReV Program, established in November 2022, has effectively recruited and trained 10 volunteers with basic research skills and an understanding of medical concepts. These skills and knowledge will prove invaluable in their future medical, pharmacy and biotechnology careers.

Our dedicated volunteers have played a pivotal role over the past year in collecting data for the Procedural Sedation and Analgesia Database and Airway Registry. In addition, four of our volunteers have participated in cadaveric simulation studies, gathering data and creating research scenarios for participants. With the guidance of a research assistant, one of our volunteers has impressively formatted and transferred over 200,000 data points and more than 10,000 procedural sedation and analgesia records from 2006- to 2023 from Microsoft Access to REDCap.

Applications to become a research volunteer are open year-round and can be accessed at This program provides a fulfilling and enriching experience for those who choose to participate.