To advance the practice of Emergency Medicine through high impact research and innovative top-quality education.


A world leading, distributed, integrated, Maritime Based Academic Department of Emergency Medicine.


Respect -Work and learning environments grounded in kindness and a high regard for the aspirations, rights, and traditions of all. Collegial, professional relationships that build feelings of trust, empathy, compassion, safety, and wellbeing.

Inclusion – A diverse mix of outstanding students, clinicians, scholars, researchers, and staff who share an enriched sense of belonging and commitment to action. The power of diversity demonstrated through inclusive engagement with our communities.

Collaboration – Genuine appreciation for what is important to one another, our partners and those whom we serve. Building strong, productive relationships.

Accountability – Providing people with the tools, time, and other resources they need to do their work. Setting the bar for integrity in transparent communication. Setting new standards for high-quality and equitable approaches to medical education, research, and clinical practice.

Innovative Excellence – A passion for continuous growth in individuals, communities, populations and the specialty of emergency medicine. An ongoing commitment to sustainable quality improvement.

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