Our trainees

Emergency medicine residency training consists of the College of Family Physicians (Emergency Medicine) (Dal ESEM) and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPS) and RCPS – Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) streams.

We currently have 4 residents in the Dal ESEM, 14 residents in the RCPS program and 1 residents in the PEM program.


Dal ESEM residents in Halifax
Raymond Cho - Chief ResidentPGY 3
Natasha HarlowPGY 3
Sara LanteignePGY 3
Brandon ScottPGY 3
IFMEM residents in Saint John
Luke Edgar- Chief ResidentPGY 3
RCPSC residents
Lewis ForwardPGY 1
Anna-Claire LamportPGY 1
Rhiannan Pinnell PGY 1
Kendra MacCuspicPGY 2
Alysha RobertsPGY 2
Manal SheikhPGY 2
Kyle EastwoodPGY 3
David HungPGY 3
Renee KindenPGY 3
Shashwat DesaiPGY 4
Simon HuangPGY 4
Patricia MarksPGY 4
Jillian Carter - Chief ResidentPGY 5
James Nunn - Assistant Chief ResidentPGY 5
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resident
Areej BabatinPGY 3