Baker, TerriAdmin Assistant to
Head of Department of Emergency Medicine, Dalhousie University, Chief, Central Zone Network of Emergency Departments, NSH
& Chief Operating Officer
Emergency Medicine Credentialing Liaison Officer, NSH
Appointments and Promotions Coordinator (Emergency Medicine), Dalhousie University

Chiasson, CarolynAdministrative Assistant to Clinical Chief, IWK Emergency Departmentcarolyn.chiasson@iwk.nshealth.ca902-470-8823
Chipp, DavidChief Operating Officerdavid.chipp@nshealth.ca902-221-8758
Day, JenniferEducation Coordinator for DalESEM Residency Program, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Electives, Off-Service Residency Program (PGY1), Undergraduate Medical Education Portfolio, Postgraduate Academic Schedule and Simulation
Duke, LaurenEducation Coordinatorlauren.duke@nshealth.ca902-943-4260
Barr, RyanManager, Finance and Administrationryan.barr@nshealth.ca902-943-4866
MacDougall, MelissaAdministrative Assistant to Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Research in the Department of Emergency Medicinemelissa.macdougall@nshealth.ca902-943-1043
Nallbani, MegiResearch Managermegi.nallbani@nshealth.ca902-476-1471
Nicholson, SamanthaAccounts and Operations
Atwood, LanaAdmin Assistant to
Clinical Site Chief
Charles V. Keating Emergency & Trauma Centre &
Director Clinical Cadaver Program,
EHS Lifeflight Critical Care Transport Program
Leigh ThibideauAcademic Coordinator,
Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine,
IWK Health Center Site