Academic promotion is recognition of an individual’s achievement and standing from the rank of lecturer to that of professor. The achievement of most ranks is required as an acknowledgment of acceptable contribution and progress through an academic career: while not all will seek promotion to Professor, the definition of the rank serves to characterize the ultimate goals of a commitment to academic life.

General criteria established by Dalhousie University when considering a faculty member for promotion include:

  • Academic and professional qualifications
  • Academic scholarship
  • Teaching
  • Collegiality
  • Personal integrity

Guidelines for Promotion

  1. Promotion is a peer-based process, using both internal and external reviewers.
  2. Reviewers will apply Dalhousie University’s framework for assessment.
  3. The review of academic achievement should include all activities and appointments made since first graduation.
  4. Consistency of academic performance and progressive improvement are important components of the review.
  5. The ultimate basis for promotion is evidence of overall career development and contribution to the University.
  6. These guidelines are intended to be flexible in the assessment of individuals and their respective academic careers, and adaptable to emerging or novel scholarship.
  7. Applicants are expected to provide evidence that they meet the Faculty of Medicine’s criteria for collegiality.
    Collegiality is broadly defined as the ability to function professionally within the academic community, and involves the demonstrated willingness to work with colleagues in contributing to the academic mission and governance of the Department, the Faculty of Medicine, and Dalhousie University. As such, it is elevated within the context of professional activities in the areas of teaching, research and administration and, where applicable, clinical service.
  8. Applications for promotion made prior to achieving five years at the current rank are less likely to demonstrate sufficient scholarship.

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