Educating Leaders in EMS

One of the core strategic directions of the Division of Emergency Medical Services is to educate leaders in EMS. Leadership can take many forms. The Division fosters the development of paramedic leaders through offering professional development opportunities in research and critical appraisal, as well as bursary support for post-graduate studies.

The Division of EMS offers the opportunity for physicians to learn the foundations of EMS, through early exposure opportunities progressing through a broader overview at the medial resident level. To gain in-depth expertise in EMS, physicians may choose to pursue an area of concentration, or even a post-residency fellowship. The Division of EMS provides an environment of innovation, interprofessional collaboration, and evidence-based practice for future leaders in EMS.

For visiting elective students to Dalhousie University, please review our Undergraduate Medical Education Office policies prior to applying.

All students are required to give 16-32 weeks notice when requesting this elective.

After reviewing the policies, please apply via the AFMC portal.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Please note that visiting elective applicants are not permitted to contact Departments or Preceptors directly to arrange electives.

If you are a student of Dalhousie University, please contact the Division of EMS