What’s Happening

15th Annual EMS Research Day

Tuesday October 17th, 2023

Virtually Presented Via Zoom

Dr. Edward J Cain Distinguished Scholar Keynote Speaker

Dr. Sheldon Cheskes

Medical Director

Sunnybrook Center for Prehospital Medicine

Regions of Halton and Peel

Trials and Tribulations of a Resuscitation Scientist

2023 EMS Research Day Schedule

2023 EMS Research Day FACTS AT A GLANCE

Dalhousie University Research Impact Award

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Alix Carter has been selected as one of three recipients of the 2019 Dalhousie Research Impact Award. This award is given in recognition of the achievements of a Dalhousie faculty member who has made a significant impact in their field of research.

Well done Alix!

Dr. Ron Stewart’s Gift

Dr. Ron Stewart Pledges $1.3 Million Dollars to the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation in Support of Emergency Health Services Research.

For the complete story click the link below:

Dr. Ron Stewart’s Gift

BRIC NS Lays Foundation for a Future of Better Care

Researchers in Dalhousie’s Department of Family Medicine are co-leading a Nova Scotia network that’s mobilizing health-care professionals, managers, policy makers, learners and citizens across the province to get involved in practical research that will re-shape the delivery of care. Read More….

Paramedics Behind the Scenes

The sights and sounds of an ambulance racing down the street is an experience many of us can relate to. Whether it’s as the unfortunate patient in the back, or pulling over to provide a clear path – emergency services are often overlooked until we can see them. But it’s the work that Emergency Health Services (EHS) are doing behind the scenes that is truly underappreciated and often times unrecognized. EMS Research Matters