Advancing the Science of EMS

Advancing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) research represents a core strategic direction of Dalhousie University’s Division of EMS in the Department of Emergency Medicine.  We envision a research enterprise continually striving for multi-site interprofessional collaboration to advance the science of emergency medical services.  We seek to provide national leadership in evidence based practice in EMS, with an impact on patient care, while mentoring the next generation of interdisciplinary EMS research teams.

Our faculty and staff have research interests in system design, emergency preparedness, paramedic learning and critical decision making, and airway management.

Local and National Impact

Together with Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia and EHS Ambulance
Operations, we form the backbone of the EMS research program in Nova Scotia.

The province’s EMS Research Steering Committee includes representatives
from EHS, The Department of Emergency Medicine, EHS Ambulance Operations, Holland College and Medavie HealthEd.  The Division of EMS
provides the secretariat for the committee and the division director serves as committee chair.

The EMS Research Steering Committee reviews all EMS research activities proposed to be conducted in Nova Scotia. The purpose of the review is to identify resources required to successfully undertake the study, to provide feedback to enhance the success of the study in our unique environment, and to identify what support might be offered. 

The Division advocates for evidence based practice and is a leader in knowledge translation.  The cornerstones of our research program include mentorship and capacity building for the next generation of inter-professional research teams and paramedic leaders.