Our Mission

The Emergency Medicine Research Volunteer (EMReV) Program will enable Emergency Physicians to advance patient care through investigational research, ranging from public health surveys to studies on the efficacy of medications and procedural interventions. Our volunteers also assist with conducting department quality improvement initiatives. We aim for our volunteers to develop basic research skills and increase their knowledge of medical concepts in preparation for the next steps in their medical careers.

We aim to both increase knowledge in Emergency Medicine for the betterment of patient care in Emergency Medicine and to prepare our interns for the next step in their medical careers. The program is intended to introduce participants interested in healthcare to the fast-paced environment of a Trauma Level One Emergency Department and educate our volunteers on whether or not Emergency Medicine is a viable career pathway in their futures.

Our Program

The EMReV Program in the Emergency Department (ED) at NSHA/Dalhousie University hosts medical students, undergraduates, graduate students, and post-graduate students interested in medical careers to participate in data collection for academic research projects. As EMReVs, students are afforded the opportunity to learn basic methodologies in clinical research, interact with patients, and observe the practice of emergency medicine. EMReVs participate daily in the innovation of medical practice. The EMReV Program runs year-round with students generally working 6-9 hours a week during the academic year. During all terms, EMReVs are also expected to work one to two shifts up to midnight every month. In addition to time spent in the ED, students are invited to attend lectures on selected topics in Emergency Medicine and research methodology.

What is the NSHA/Dalhousie University EMReV Program?

The Emergency Medicine Research Volunteer Program (EMReV) is an iducational opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students to participate in data collection for academic research projects in the Charles V. Keating Emergency Department.

EMReVs contribute daily to the innovation of medical training and practice. Our studies range from pharmaceutical trials and randomization of common sedation drugs to socioeconomic factors influencing medical decision making in a diverse urban teaching hospital. Our investigators also initiate studies to develop new and innovative teaching methods for the resident training. In addition to time spent in the ED, students are invited to attend the weekly department conference and lectures on selected topics in emergency medicine and clinical research. Studies published in prestigious academic medicine journals such as this one show that EMReVs may benefit from higher rates of medical school admission. Depending on the student’s home institution, course credit may also be awarded.

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