Attendance Policy

EMReVs must attend or find coverage for all shifts. To be counted as present for a shift, EMReVs must sign in on time and stay for the entire shift. There is a strict ten-minute grace period for signing in and out.

Each EMReV is allotted 5 missed shifts. Each shift must be made up during that same term.

Shifts may not be missed during the first two weeks of the term for training purposes.

If you are going to miss a shift, you are expected to notify the Research Coordinator at least 24 hours in advance with information on why the shift will be missed and place the shift on the shift swap calendar.

Failure to notify a coordinator of an absence and/or failure to put the missed shift on the shift swap calendar will result in 1 strike. After 2 strikes the EMReV will be dropped from the program. Appeals to the Research Coordinator will be heard, but will only be accepted in circumstances of illness or family emergency.